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Indoor Air Quality is the Silent Killer

Ever wondered what could be causing you or your family members to constantly have cold, allergies or asthma symptoms? Do you feel better outside your home than you do inside? The effects of indoor air pollutants range from short term effects, allergies, throat irritation and asthma, to long term effects, respiratory disease, cancer and even death.

Here at T.O.P Indoor Air Services we specialize in conducting Air Quality Tests to help find environmental threats that could potentially be harming you and your family.

Our Air Quality Test Consists Of:

  • Calibrated Meter Test – Meter used to detect “Safe” “Moderate” or “Unsafe” levels of Formaldehyde, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, and humidity levels instantly within your home. (Free)

  • Spore Trap Analysis – calibrated pump used to pull samples of your indoor air if you’re experiencing symptoms, or see visible mold present within your home. These samples are then sent to an accredited lab to determine the unknown threats. It informs you on the type of mold spores present and their ratios, dust mites, pet dander, fibers, etc. Results usually take 48 hours, and we’ll email you with a follow up call to assure you understand the quality of your air.

Air Quality Meter

Poor indoor Air Quality can cause serious health problems. Call now to schedule your test. Customer Satisfaction is our TOP priority!

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Great experience. They cleaned out my dryer vent and did an air quality test for me. Now I’m drying clothes in one cycle saving me time and money! I will definitely be using T.O.P Indoor Air again.

Angelia M

Ben did an amazing job. My dryer vent hadn’t been cleaned in YEARS! He was very professional and cleaned afterwards. Great service, I highly recommend them to anyone needing their vent cleaned out. Thanks Ben!!

John T

Ben was such a life saver. He cleaned the vent and even checked my air quality. Definitely relieved my stress when he provided me a cheaper and easier solution.

Brenda W

I’d recommend T.O.P to anyone!!! I had a vent cleaning service done and my clothes take half the time to dry!! Saving me money on my electric bill and the cost of a new dryer!! Ben was not only professional but patient through in his work!

Halima A
Janet W
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