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Whole Home Air Sanitizing Treatment

Here at T.O.P indoor Air, we have a Total Detoxification and Decontamination service that effectively:

  • Destroy odors

  • Kill mold and mildew

  • Kill viruses and bacteria

  • Eliminates VOCs and airborne particles

Sanitizing Benefits

The treatment dramatically reduces triggers for allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems. Customers experience immediate relief after the treatment.

We utilize a Green Certified, fast and affordable process that consists of fogging entire home including Air Duct system with our EPA registered, Hospital-grade disinfectant.

Bacteria Spores

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Great experience. They cleaned out my dryer vent and did an air quality test for me. Now I’m drying clothes in one cycle saving me time and money! I will definitely be using T.O.P Indoor Air again.

Angelia M

Ben was such a life saver. He cleaned the vent and even checked my air quality. Definitely relieved my stress when he provided me a cheaper and easier solution.

Brenda W

I’d recommend T.O.P to anyone!!! I had a vent cleaning service done and my clothes take half the time to dry!! Saving me money on my electric bill and the cost of a new dryer!! Ben was not only professional but patient through in his work!

Halima A

Ben did an amazing job. My dryer vent hadn’t been cleaned in YEARS! He was very professional and cleaned afterwards. Great service, I highly recommend them to anyone needing their vent cleaned out. Thanks Ben!!

John T
Janet W
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