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Have a Foul Odor in Your Home or Building?

Are you struggling with an odor that refuses to leave after you’ve tried just about everything? Here at T.O.P Indoor Air Services we understand how frustrating that can be!

Facts: Some odors such as tobacco, pet, and food odors can be a nightmare. As you may now be aware sometimes it’ll take much more than a basic cleaning to remove these odors.

The tar from cigarettes, the film produced from food spices, and the oils/dander that pets produce all have the same thing in common. A pain in the butt to remove!

Why is that you may ask? Well these odors become airborne, penetrate fabrics, walls, carpeting, and your A/C ducts causing them to continuously get distributed throughout your home.

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Here at T.O.P Indoor Air Services, we can eliminate any odor with our eco-friendly approach that ensures optimal results!

Our highly effective 3 step odor removal process has eliminated some of the toughest odors while dramatically improving the air quality in your home. When it comes to dealing with odors, you have two options. You can figure out how to live with it, OR you can let us do the hard part for you.

Our odor removal process is a green and non-toxic solution. We have fine-tuned every step of this highly effective service to ensure your satisfaction. We are 5 star rated, licensed, and fully insured. The experience we have gained over the years and the use of reliable methods are the reasons why we are the best choice for your needs.

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Janet W

Great experience. They cleaned out my dryer vent and did an air quality test for me. Now I’m drying clothes in one cycle saving me time and money! I will definitely be using T.O.P Indoor Air again.

Angelia M

Ben did an amazing job. My dryer vent hadn’t been cleaned in YEARS! He was very professional and cleaned afterwards. Great service, I highly recommend them to anyone needing their vent cleaned out. Thanks Ben!!

John T

I’d recommend T.O.P to anyone!!! I had a vent cleaning service done and my clothes take half the time to dry!! Saving me money on my electric bill and the cost of a new dryer!! Ben was not only professional but patient through in his work!

Halima A

Ben was such a life saver. He cleaned the vent and even checked my air quality. Definitely relieved my stress when he provided me a cheaper and easier solution.

Brenda W
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